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Cat Among The Pigeons - Adam Jones

Adam Jones 1

Hailing from Froncysyllte, a tiny village in North Wales, Adam Jones came to Manchester to study Fashion Design at Manchester School of Art, spurred on by his Grandmother (whose fur coats made for great dress up when he was a kid), Kate Moss and Sienna Miller circa 2005 – thanks to OK and HELLO, the only links between Wales and the world of fashion when Adam was a teenager.

He describes his graduate collection (that caused quite a stir) as “a wabi-sabi view of broken Britain”. Celebrating the “mundane nuances of everyday life on the street” and drawing a beauty from things that ordinarily people overlook – from which he developed a set of textures that were applied to classic, simple shapes.

Adam Jones 2

Though Adam had never knitted before studying for his degree, knitwear featured fairly heavily in his graduate collection- alongside distressed leather, digital prints and garments made using found materials e.g. trousers made from carpet underlay.

Adam Jones 4 Adam Jones 6

While interested by the tactile qualities of knitted fabrics, Adam struggled with his first foray into knitwear production, “[I] found it extremely difficult and testing to begin with, in fact impossible by hand even to this day, but I was not going to give up and I wouldn’t say I have mastered knitting, but it is an aspect of a wardrobe that I believe will always have a place, and is especially very exciting at the moment.

“I like how [knitting] can be used in very different ways, depending on yarn properties, weight stretch etc. it can hug the body, fluff around the neck, it can pleat or ladder… there is almost an unlimited amount of colour combinations at your disposal, add or take away a colour or weight and it looks completely different, you can throw in glittery or plastic yarns, and even materials that aren’t necessarily ‘yarn’”.

Adam Jones 3

It’s often said about knitting how amazing it is that you can make almost anything literally from a piece of string – and it is, isn’t it? You can create your own fabric from what feels like nothing. Adam agrees that “[designing] your own fabric is far more interesting than walking into a shop and picking up a few metres - it’s far too easy. I don’t like to use much bought fabric, as lots of other people could just go and get it, I have to knit/print/bond or find, I’d say, 80% of my fabrics.”

Inspired by “contemporary art, photography during the 90’s, mistakes, decay, rubbish, vandalism, charity shops, B&Q, public transport…” it’s no surprise that Adam’s fabrics take somewhat of a battering and for this reason, he likes to create knitted fabrics from cottons, “I like to sometimes bleach my knitting to bring out different hues in the colours, obviously cotton takes bleach beautifully and I appreciate it’s strength”.  

Adam Jones 5

Adam is currently working on designs and knit samples for a new collection which will be bigger than his graduate collection – he hopes to secure sponsorship in the future and would love to show as part of Fashion East. He’s also keen to collaborate with other artists and designers.

He loves cats, his dog and pigeons – he even has a pigeon tattoo. We’re too shy to ask where.

You can see more of Adam’s work on his blog and Facebook page, he's also showing at Halle St Peters, Manchester, this coming Friday as part of an Emerging Talent showcase, you can buy tickets for the show here

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