Wednesday 13th April

Jeez, Louise!

In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns. In Surrey, they’re more talented than Ant AND Dec.

Tuesday 22nd February

Diamond Lil

Sibling_leopard_print Sibling_sequin_sweater

There was only one show for us at London Fashion Week – actually that’s a lie, there were loads but this was the show we were most looking forward too – Sister by Sibling.


Thursday 17th February

She Loves You

So, London Fashion Week kicks off as New York Fashion Week closes.

Wednesday 26th January

Wear Your Arm on Your Sleeve

We’d already gone gaga over D&G’s bold and colourful knits for Winter 2011...

Tuesday 18th January


Dolce, dolce, dolce… as Carrie Bradshaw once said. And she couldn’t have put it better.

Saturday 18th December

Baby it's Cold Outside

And here are the scores for Saturday.

Saturday 27th November

Fashion Week. This Week.

Saturday 30th October

Do it Yourself

Ahh, Halloween, when the City Centre feels like a feature length episode of Snog, Marry, Avoid...

Friday 3rd September

The Fashion Democracy

As regular ASOS shoppers, and suckers for ASOS Treats...

Tuesday 17th August

Wheres Me Jumper Loves...

Wheres Me Jumper Loves... Food and Vogue. But not necessarily in that order.